6 Tips to help you keep to your New Year's Resolution

As we all know, every year in January comes the big influx of people wanting to get fit and healthy, but unfortunately their motivation doesn’t last and within 3-4 months they fall back into the same daily routine that they have always been used to you.

So can you break this habit? How can you ensure that you’re not one of the majority and instead you keep up with consistently training in the gym and after those 3 months are the one in your work place starting to receive those comments that say “wow, you look great!”

Below are 6 tips to help you not to give up. Not you…. Not this time!


  1. Consistency – as mentioned above, this is the most important element when trying to get into shape. Changes in your body will not happen overnight and it can be a slow process, but if you can just keep going, the results will come.
  2. Have a goal – Why is it important for you to get into shape? If it’s not meaningful, if it’s not important, you will tend not to stick to it. Identify why it’s vital that you achieve your goal of losing those 5kg’s and this will keep you motivated.
  3. Find an awesome gym – if you surround yourself with people that are serious about their training, this will have a positive influence on you when it comes to workout time.
  4. Get a coach – Have someone look at your plan. You need to have a plan. If there’s no plan, then there’s no focus or sense of achievement from completing your workout. Get a coach to help you draw up or review your fitness plan. If the plan isn’t working, change the plan, but never the goal.
  5. Meal preparation – 70% of getting into shape is what you eat. Therefore you need to plan and prepare what you will be eating over the week ahead. When the times comes that you’re hungry and the closest thing to you is a Snickers bar, it will be very difficult to resist. The best investment I made last year was in a Nutri-Bullet. I throw in banana, avocado, spinach, chia seeds, protein powder and some coconut milk to make a nutritious smoothie I can have in the middle of the day, which takes me 5 minutes to put together first thing in the morning.
  6. Set unachievable targets – How many of you have said “I’m never drinking ever again” after a heavy night partying, only to do it all again the following weekend? Don’t set unrealistic goals of never eating chocolate or sweets again. Look for healthier alternatives, such as dark chocolate. Or have a little bit once a week if you’ve had a good healthy week of clean eating.