Achievable New Years Fitness resolutions

Every year millions of people all around the world make their New Years’ resolution to get fit and lose weight. However, by March the majority of people have long forgotten their goal that was so important to them at the time. This year, you’re not going to be in the majority, you’re going to achieve your goal, look and feel amazing and get the praise you deserve from your friends and colleagues, just by following these simple steps:

If you’re going to join a gym, join an expensive one. If you purchase something that is of value to you, you tend to look after it a lot more. By joining a top end gym, you’re more likely to remain consistent with your training and use the facilities more than you would normally a low-cost/apartment gym.

Do not set yourself the goal of completely abstaining from chocolate or alcohol, as this is very unrealistic. Instead, set yourself the goal of eating healthy and clean for 5-6 days of the week. You can do this by planning your meals in advance and knowing what you’re going to eat for the week ahead, as this will help in avoid snacking on bad foods. Then, when it comes to the weekend, you may not even feel like that take-away meal you usually order, as you feel so good and energized from the previous week.

Also, avoid wasting your money on magic supplements that you think will turn your body into looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The best way to start seeing results in the New Year is by following the basics. Set the goal of eating a little healthier diet (less processed foods and more fruit and vegetables), exercise regularly and consistently (don’t give up after 1-2 weeks, find a workout that you love and keep doing it) and sleep as much as you can (which will help to reduce stress in your body. The less stress you have, the less your body will hold onto unwanted fat).

If you need some help on how to implement these steps into your life, sit with a Talise personal trainer and they can guide you in the right direction to achieve your goal.