How to prepare - Interval Training

Motivation is a major factor in helping you achieve your goal and complete the distance. So whether it is the 4km, 10km or 42m distance you have already taken a positive step by participating in physical activity as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Your current health and fitness level must be the first priority, therefore for those of you who have been inactive or have health issues it is recommended that you consult with a doctor before you start to train.

For those already exercising regularly as your fitness levels increase in training try running at your pace in shorter segments with rest breaks (interval training) this helps speed recovery without losing the endurance effect.

Breathe naturally through both the nose and mouth when running. If you're gasping for air - slow down!

As your stamina improves you can adjust the interval training, increasing the duration of your run.

Eventually you should be able to run the entire distance at a comfortable pace.

Good luck.