Soroush's Testimonial

I lost 2kg of fat in just 9 days

Being a member at Talise JBH over the past 7 months; I would like to express the positive experience that the team has conveyed.  The friendly and pro active approach of the Trainers is always appreciated, and the friendly reception.  This however not being limited to other personnel, I really must say I am very impressed with the house keeping team to the life style consultant all the way to the management team.   This all in par with the superb facilities to the gym equipment, the tennis courts, to the spa and beach.  Having a stressful job, I have come to appreciate JBH as a place to disconnect from my hectic work environment – and feel very comfortable to unwind.   Being a previous member at another similar facility I would certainly recommend, above all, JBH Talise to anyone looking for more than just gym experience. In addition the Talise team are always looking at ways to challenge the members to stay fit, recently the CUT program which after doing it myself I got great results, losing 2kg of fat in just 9 days. Looking forward to do it again. 

Soroush Meshkat