Talise Fitness Personal Trainers brush up on their business skills

Personal Training is an important part of the ‘Talise Fitness’ experience to provide our members the latest techniques within the industry to help them achieve their aspirational goals.

Talise Fitness personal trainers are expected to keep up to date through education, training and workshops. On April 22nd  all our personal trainers attended the ‘Personal Training Business Skills’ workshop, which was designed to improve the trainer’s skills in developing and generating additional revenue for Talise Fitness. Conducted by Matthew Graham, the General Manager for Talise Fitness at Madinat Jumeirah, the workshop was a tremendous success and since this training was implemented in 2013, Personal Training revenue has increased by 33% Year on Year, which is an incredible achievement.

Our personal trainers change the lives of members everyday by helping them to lead a healthier lifestyle, which is reflected in Talise Fitness high member retention rates and overall satisfaction.

Thank you to all our colleagues for contributing to this fantastic success story.