The Secret to Becoming a Millionaire…. Exercise!

If you study the majority of millionaires in the world, there is one thing that they all have in common… they found time to exercise.

If you study the majority of millionaires in the world, there is one thing that they all have in common… they found time to exercise.  They ensure that working out is a key part of their day as they know how important it is to the mental and physical health. If they don’t have time, they seem to be able to make time. Mark Wahlberg says “I go to bed early and get up at 4am to train. Then I eat, take my supplements, spend some time on my lines, and get to work”.

Even in Talise, I always see the same faces working out in the club first thing in the morning and again, the majority of these members hold senior positions in the companies that they work for. But why is that? Duncan Simpson, who is a sports psychologist states that “In fitness, much like in business, you push for personal achievement that often make you goal-orientated”. For example to be able to bench press 50kg, when before all you could do was 40kg. Or that feeling when you finally run under an hour for a 10km running race. “This translates into skills that maximize effort, a quest to push yourself to the limit”. The more motivated you are to achieve your personal goals in the gym, the more motivated you are to achieve similar goals in business.

There’s also been studies from Cleveland State University that shows the more you train, the more you will earn. These studies show:

  • The average percentage increase of employees who exercised regularly compared to those that didn’t is 9%
  • Those sedentary employees that started exercising saw their salary increase by 2.2%
  • Another study showed that women who were obese earned on average 18% less than those who weren’t.

So, what are the steps to earning more money and becoming a Millionaire? Similar to that in business, you need a strategy to get you there. One of the simplest strategies is SMART goals:

Specific – What is the goal?

I want to lose weight

Measureable – How much do you want to lose?


Action Plan – What are you going to do?

I will exercise 3 times a week at 7am following the Talise Fitness Program given to me by the Personal Trainer.

Realistic – Is this a goal I can achieve?

Yes, as I know that consistency is the key. If I follow the plan I will achieve my goal

Time – By when do I want to achieve this goal?

Within 3 months

Start by setting yourself a SMART goal, achieve it and then just see what happens in your work life. You may just be surprised. 


By James Chandler

GM of Talise Fitness, Jumeirah Emirates Towers