Talise X is the new Outdoor Functional Training zone of Talise Fitness, located within Talise Fitness at Madinat Jumeirah.

Functional training is a method of exercise that adapts individuals to perform their daily activities life more easily and without injuries.  This involves performing tasks in training that replicate the movements found in life such as lifting, throwing, catching and pushing.

Key Health Benefits

Talise X offers state of the art outdoor fitness training area spread across 5 zones that include innovative, custom built exercise rigs and fitness equipment to enable workouts not possible inside a regular gym area.
  • Zone 1: Cardio - Includes a 10m sprint track with a difference! The first in the Middle East runway system allows participants to time their sprints, sled pushes and SQYRE (Square tires) flips on the track via built in timing sensors; battle ropes; agility ladders & hurdles; Push/Pull Sled
  • Zone 2: Rope Pulley & Boxing Zone - Includes 2 pulley systems inbuilt into the wall Great for building upper body strength in the arms, back and shoulders, as well as a 6ft boxing bag that users can kick and punch for a great cardio workout
  • Zone 3: Custom Functional Training Rig and Lifting Area - Includes 3 squat stations & 2 high towers, rope climbs, gymnastic rings. Also includes 3 Olympic lifting platforms to enable users to complete a range of Olympic lifting techniques utilizing the Olympic standard bars and weights.
  • Zone 4: Obstacle Course - Comprising of a 2 height obstacle wall, followed by a wall mounted cargo net to climb. This zone is great for anyone preparing for adventure races which are now a major part of the Dubai Fitness calendar
  • Zone 5: Custom Functional Training Rig and functional zone - Contains a Beaverfit Custom Functional Training Rig for TRX Suspension training, ANKORR Training and more.

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