The First of its Kind High Altitude Suite

The High Altitude Suite operates on the principle that as altitude increases, air pressure decreases and less oxygen is available for the human body.

This leads to positive health benefits for the individual including better utilisation of nutrients within muscles and tissues.

Putting a new spin on indoor cycling classes, Talise Fitness now introduces the only ‘group cycling altitude studio’ within the Middle East offering Les Mills RPM classes. 

RPM™ is a cycling workout that delivers maximum results with minimum impact on your joints. Tune in to some great music as your instructor takes you on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding. You control your own resistance levels and speed so you can build up your fitness level over time. If you want a true sense of achievement, get into a RPM class today.

Our Altitude classes will be run at different altitudes. Our 'Entry' level class starts a mile above sea level at 1,600m and goes to 'Elite' at 3,300m  

To ride at a higher level of altitude you are required to attend at least 8 entry level rides over a 2 week period (4 per week).

If you would like to have a more personalized experience in our high altitude studio, we cater for a wide range of people depending on your individual goals including: Amateur & Professional Athletes, Pre Accliatization Prior to a Climb, Orthopedic Rehabilitation & Metabolic Rehabilitation.

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Key Health Benefits

Also referred to as hypoxic training, there are innumerable health benefits, including an increase in overall wellness as well as:
  • Heart rate optimisation during rest periods
  • Better level of concentration.
  • Enhanced energy levels due to increase in stamina
  • Less stress on tendons, joints and ligaments of the body
  • Increased red blood cell production leading to enhanced circulation of blood
  • Improved oxygen absorption, transportation and utilisation within the body.
  • Improve your performance. Enables you to compete at a higher intensity for longer.
  • Increased reduction of fat mass and increase overall weight loss


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